Self-Study CPE

General Info 

You can sort courses in the website catalog by clicking on the column headings – i.e. CPE Hours or Price.
All our CPE courses meet or exceed NASBA and QAS standards.

  • We offer over 270 CPE courses which translates to over 1,500 CPE hours of material to choose from.
  • Our EBooks courses are PDF files. EBooks are searchable – use CTRL+F.
  • Course materials are immediately available, after purchase.
  • Our EBooks are considered interactive as defined by NASBA/QAS. Interactive means that it has review questions with feedback/answers.
  • EBooks can be read on-line, printed, or downloaded and saved  to your PC. You can also read it on a tablet.
  • You can access on demand videos (webcasts)  online immediately after purchase.
  • A copy of the exam can be found at the end of the course materials.
  • The paper version and the online version of the exam are the same.
  • You can stop and resume an exam as often as you wish. The computer will remember your place.
  • Online exams are immediately graded.
  • Passing grade  is generally 70% unless noted otherwise.
  • Certificates are immediately available to print after the exam is passed.
  • We also immediately email you a copy of the certificate when the exam is passed.
  • You can take the paper version and email it to us for grading if you wish.
  • There is no cost for grading any CPE exam – it is free.
  • You may retake the exam if necessary at no additional cost. There is no limit on retakes.

self study cpe - instant access



You have twelve (12) months from the purchase date to complete the course and pass the  CPE exam.  This is a NASBA requirement. The expiration date displays beside the course. We also email you two weeks before the course expires – just in case you have not completed it yet.
In accordance with NASBA, feedback is not provided on failed exams. Upon achieving a passing score, you are notified of the correct answers to the questions missed.

Courses are assumed to be a basic level unless otherwise noted. There are No prerequisites or advanced preparation required unless stated otherwise.

  • “The course on ethics was one of the best correspondence courses I ever used.  It was well organized and the examples used were extremely helpful.”

    - Tommy R.

  • “Thank you for a high quality CPE resource. As a CPA in a small nonprofit, I find your library quite helpful to meet my needs. I appreciate the service.”- 

    - Cheryl

  • Thank you Patricia. I really love your courses. I learned so much about excel this weekend!”

    - Connie K.