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If you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will see testimonials/reviews from customers scrolling across.
We have also started adding specific course reviews in the course page itself. If you see a Review tab when you click on a course, you will find a review there.


Below are some of our customer’s comments:

  • ” I have LOVED the subscription service and the courses ” Brantley B.  5/2018
  • Great course! Price was right and the material was very thorough.- Alex
  • “You guys do a great job!  As a person in industry it can be really expensive to stay current and you have great options that are actually useful as well as cost effective!” – Sue
  • “Thank you for a high quality CPE resource. As a CPA in a small nonprofit, I find your library quite helpful to meet my needs. I appreciate the service.”-  Cheryl
  • ” This was my first experience with and I was very impressed. I will definitely consider taking CPE through in the future.”   12/2017 Christopher Q.
  • “Your website was easy to navigate and informative.” “This was my first use of your resources but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Thank you for your excellent course material and succinctly stated instructions which expedited order and payment of course selection, completion of exam, and immediate availability of Certificate of Completion. A great experience. Thanks.” Draper
  • “Thank you for providing very informative CPEs. I have enjoyed your courses for years now. Yours is truly my go-to CPE sources.”-  Lily
  • “I am extremely impressed with the courses and the reasonable price.” – Janet A. May 2017
  • Thank you Patricia. I really love your courses. I learned so much about excel this weekend!” -Connie K
  • “Excellent Regulatory Review Course. The self-study format (E-Book) provided an excellent overview of the regulatory requirements for California CPAs. I will be using the E-Book as a reference material. Thank you for providing a very comprehensive yet affordable option for this required CPE.” -Constance
  • I wanted to compliment you on the Accounting Fraud – Recent Case Studies (AUCASEMC) course I just took. The ebook was fantastic! Concise, easy to understand, very well structured, and very interesting. Exactly the way I like it. Thank you for putting it together. I feel it took me enough time to be worth 2 CPEs, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Thank you.”-  Mark R
  • Your ethics course was the most interesting and clear course I have taken. I usually dread the years it is required but this year was a pleasant surprise.” – Terry


  • “..may I say it is rarer that I ever have gotten a personal reply from a CPE Site! Glad I have found your site.”

    - Tom

  • Overall I was very pleased with the course. Previously I knew just enough about pivot tables to be dangerous. Now I see the power that they have and I feel much more confident using pivot tables. The course materials were very clear and well prepared. I’ll be looking at your website for future CPE hours.

    - Scott

  • Thank you for providing very informative CPEs. I have enjoyed your courses for years now. Yours is truly my go-to CPE sources.

    - Lily