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Ethics CPE

ethics cpe

State Ethics CPE 

Please note that we offer an 4 hour General professional ethics course which meets the requirements of many states. However, some states require separate approval and specify what needs to be covered in their state ethics courses.  We also offer a number of state specific ethics courses including ones for:  ARAZ, CO, CT, IAID, IL, IN, KSKY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NH, OK, UT, VT, WIWV.

We have CPE sponsor agreements  and/or approved Ethics courses with the following State Boards of Accountancy as these states require CPE sponsors to register with them: California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisianna, 
MississippiNew YorkOhioOregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Washington State

These registrations do not constitute an endorsement by the State Boards of Accountancy as to the quality of our CPE programs. State CPE requirements can vary; therefore, you should always check with your State Board. Your State Board is the final authority on any program even when formal sponsorship has been given. Click here for more information on our state ethic approvals.

Ethics CPE Info You Should Know

Most of our Ethics courses are in PDF format. However, we are in the process of adding video courses to our catalog as well. We strive to make ethics as interesting as possible by incorporating case studies as much as possible. Please be aware that we do not charge “extra” for ethics. Our pricing on ethics is the same as for other CPE courses that we offer. Also, if we have an ethics course labeled with a state name, you will see that we actually cover the rules and regulations of that state  in the EBook as opposed to many of our competitors.

 Ethical cpe

State CPE Requirements

We are registered with NASBA which meets the expectations of most state boards for quality CPE.  However, a few states require specific CPE Sponsor agreements.

We are registered with the following  State Boards of  Accountancy:
California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Oregon and Washington State.
These registrations do not constitute an endorsement by the State Boards of Accountancy as to the quality of our CPE programs. State CPE requirements can vary; therefore, you should always check with your State Board. Your State Board is the final authority on any program even when formal sponsorship has been given. Below is information on specific state sponsorships.

Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee and South Carolina require that CPE courses be taken from a QAS provider. Our QAS provider number is #109234. So, our  courses would be accepted in those states.  However, TN and SC require separate state ethics course approval and we do not currently offer these state ethics courses for this reason.

To access State Board of Accountancy’s websites click here.
To access a summary of CPE requirements for your state click here.


 Registered State Sponsor Numbers &  Approved Ethics Information

California The CBA approved our  2 hour Regulatory Review course. The course approval number is RRS-019-0115. Approval is through 1/3/2019.
The course is entitled Calilfornia Regulatory Review for CPAs  .
We also offer a 4 hour California Ethics course.
 The Delaware Board of Accountancy has reviewed and approved our Delaware Ethics course  entitled “Ethics for Delaware” for 2017.  Click here to go to the Board of Accountancy’s approved ethics list for 2019 renewal.
 CPE Provider #: 0006414. Our Ethical Conduct for Florida CPAs  is approved. Course#0019533. We are listed under the name CFO Resources LLC dba on page 1 of Approved Sponsors. Our course approval expired 6/30/2019.
HawaiiCPE Sponsor #17004.  “ is registered with the Hawaii State Board of Public Accountancy as a sponsor of continuing professional education. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to: Hawaii State Board of Accountancy, PO Box 3469, Honolulu, Hawaii 96801, (808) 586-2696”.
Illinois  CPE Sponsor #15.002345. Illinois no longer requires registration if the provider is registered with NASBA. We are registered with NASBA & QAS therefore, we do not need a separate registration.
We also offer an Illinois Ethics course.
Louisianna The Louisiana Board of Accountancy  has approved our Ethics course . Click here to view the LA Ethics course.
Mississippi The Mississippi Board of Accountancy approved our Ethics course on June 2, 2017. Their website has not been updated yet. Click here to view the approval documentation.

New York
 CPE Sponsor # 002370. The NY State Board of Education has accepted our Ethics courses under the name CFO Resources.  Our course is entitled  Professional Ethics for New York CPAs and it expires March 3/16/2019. Click here to view the NY Board’s approved providers.
North CarolinaCPE Sponsor #2008005. North Carolina recognizes NASBA and QAS sponsors of which we are both.
Complaints or comments regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners, PO Box 12827, Raleigh, NC 27605-2827. We do offer a North Carolina Ethics Course.
 OhioCPE Sponsor # is CPE.354.
We are registered with the Board as is our PSR ( Professional Standards and Regulations ) course.
Our sponsor application expires May 31, 2019.
Our approved Ethics courses is entitled Ohio Professional Ethics  and expires 5/31/19.
 OregonOur approved Ethics course is entitled Ethics for Oregon  and expires 3/31/19. To look us up on the Oregon BOA Site click here.
PennsylvaniaCPE Sponsor #PX177705. Expires 12/31/2019. We do offer an ethics course entitled Pennsylvania Ethics.
South CarolinaOur South Carolina Ethics course  was approved on 9/24/2018 so it may not yet display on  the SC Board’s website. is approved through 12/31/2018.
TexasCPE Sponsor #009700. We are registered with the Texas Board of Accountancy as a CPE sponsor through 3/31/2019
This registration does not constitute an endorsement by the Board as to the quality of our CPE programs.
Ethics and Professional Conduct for Texas CPAhas been accepted by the Texas Board of Accountancy.
We also offer a second Ethics for Texas course in case you have already taken the other.  This additional course is called Ethics Training for Texas CPAs and it has also been approved.
To look us up as a CPE Provider for Texas on the Texas Board of Accountancy page, please click here. We are on page 8 and page 13.
Washington StateEthics and Professional Conduct for Washington State CPAs has been approved by the Washington State Board of Accountancy as meeting the minimum requirements of WAC 4-30-134(3) which requires four CPE credit hours in the subject area of approved ethics and regulation with specific application to the practice of public accounting in Washington State. This approval expires 12/31/2018.

CPE Requirements for CPAs is registered with NASBA.

We are accepted in all 50 States.

We have been approved to offer self study continuing professional education courses as well as to offer webinars to certified public accountants by NASBA.
All 50 states recognize NASBA’s QAS program which means our CPE courses are accepted in all 50 states.

There are a few states such as  Florida, Hawaii, Ohio, Texas and New York that require CPE providers to also register with them for all CPE.
In addition, some states have specific ethics requirements that CPE providers must meet. For specific information on state CPE requirements, please click here.




For more information about state acceptance please click here or on the map below.CPE requirements

  • Your ethics course was the most interesting and clear course I have taken. I usually dread the years it is required but this year was a pleasant surprise.

    - Terry

  • “The course on ethics was one of the best correspondence courses I ever used.  It was well organized and the examples used were extremely helpful.”

    - Tommy R.

  • “Thank you for a high quality CPE resource. As a CPA in a small nonprofit, I find your library quite helpful to meet my needs. I appreciate the service.”- 

    - Cheryl